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At WES.jobs, everything centres around the job. We don’t just fill vacancies, we take the time to find you the right.fit candidate for your business. When that doesn’t exist, we support you by upskilling or reskilling candidates to meet the opportunities your business holds for them. Together, WES.jobs helps unlock a job seekers potential in the Mackay region and together with JobTrail, our specialist Indigenous provider, in Brisbane’s South-East region.

Find the right.fit in 3 easy steps.

Register your job vacancy online
or contact your local WES.jobs office and together we will identify your recruitment needs.

WES.jobs will screen participants
and provide you with a shortlist to review.

Interview the candidates
and determine which lucky job seeker will find their next job under your employment.

Why choose WES.jobs?

Here at WES.jobs, we don’t just find people to fill a vacant position, we strive to find you the best candidate who is passionate and driven to produce high quality work. But never fear, if we don’t have the right.fit candidate we will search the databases of our partners, Job Trail and WorkPac to find your right.fit

As the newest member of the WorkPac Group, the largest Australian-owned recruiter with over 25 years’ experience finding people employment, WES.jobs is passionate about using our experience to help unemployed job seekers find work.

WorkPac knows how to support Australians across the full employment lifecycle. WES.jobs leverages this long history of experience, along with our personalised approach to tailor job seekers and match them with available opportunities. We maximise outcomes by complementing expert recruitment with personal and professional development, upskilling and training, along with personal support before and after placement.

Finding you the right.fit employees!

We connect

You make contact with WES.jobs.

We learn about your business.

We know recruitment is a team effort. We work with you to define your staffing needs now and in the future.

We get to work.

We then look at how we can prepare our job seekers to meet your needs through targeting known candidates with those skills, reskilling or providing additional training.

You get back to growing your business.

You can then focus on growing your business as we find and upskill people to meet the needs of your business and the local community.


We find your employee.

Getting job ready.

We work with you to ensure your new employees are job ready, helping them access employment funding to get them ready for day one Ie: licenses, PPE, uniforms, etc.

We become growth partners with you.

We keep in contact to ensure we found the right candidate and plan for your long-term recruitment needs.


Looking to recruit a trainee or apprentice? Look no further than WES.jobs!

We will find you a candidate who is not just enthusiastic about the job but who has a hunger to learn and build their skills, with the end goal of finding their forever job in your business! Get in touch with your local WES.jobs employment office today and together we will help you find the right.fit for your vacancy.

Together we can reduce employment gaps for First Nations Australians.

Here at WES.jobs we aim to strengthen communities and create diversity in the workplace by supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment opportunities. We work hand in hand with our partners at JobTrail, an Indigenous owned recruitment company to support our First Nations participants to find meaningful employment, through training and a range of Indigenous employment programs. Find out how your business can benefit through hiring First Nations employees by getting in touch with WES.jobs today.

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List your job vacancy at WES.jobs today and together we will find the perfect candidate for the position. Together we will find your business the right.fit candidates.