Looking for a job?
Look no further.

Are you
job ready?

If you’re looking for a job in Mackay or Brisbane’s South-East region, then look no further than WES.jobs. Backed by WorkPac, one of Australia’s largest recruitment companies, and our specialist Indigenous provider in Brisbane’s South-East region, we help find job seekers a role that unlocks their potential. Our passion isn’t to find you a job, it’s to guide you on your journey of getting job ready, connecting you with the right people and providing you with resources to:

  • build your skills or retrain
  • enhance your employability
  • make you stand out and
  • land a job.

How WES.jobs works.

You make contact
with WES.jobs.

You’re invited to meet your employment consultant.

We chat about: job plans, your resume and what types of roles your local community has available.

We work as a team to find you opportunities.

WES.jobs review our existing jobs database and reach out to local employers to find you options. We have regular catch-ups and discussions around training, opportunities and helping you get job ready.

You got a job.

We work with you to ensure you’re supported

in your employment journey and help you access employment funding to get you ready for day one eg: licenses, PPE, uniforms, etc.

We keep in contact,

to ensure you and your employer are successful. Because when you're successful everyone is.


Meaningful employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants.

Our goal is to find meaningful employment opportunities for First Nations participants in the Brisbane South-East region!  However, it is important for us to work with our participants to ensure the foundations for achieving success are set before considering taking that next step. Get in touch with WES.jobs today and together, we will work towards finding you your next job!

Traineeships & apprenticeships.

At WES.jobs we work hand-in-hand with our partners to help job seekers find an apprenticeship or traineeship, setting them on the right path to securing a future career. Because at WES.jobs, we are passionate about unlocking potential.

Discover your passion and get work experience by working for the dole.

Not sure what your ideal job would be? That’s okay, it just means you haven’t found the right type of work that unlocks your potential. Work for the dole is a great program to help you find your potential. The program places you in activities where you can build new skills, grow your confidence and gain valuable experience. Get a step closer to finding your right.fit job and contact WES.jobs today to learn more.