Who are JobTrail?

About JobTrail.

JobTrail is a majority Aboriginal owned and operated recruitment business with Supply Nation registration that has a national footprint and demonstrated experience and expertise in recruitment, workforce management and contract labour. JobTrail are capable of mobilising and managing projects of all sizes. Working across the Construction, Civil, Mining and Defence sectors from regional and remote areas of Australia to our Capital cities.

JobTrail has been appointed as a specialist Indigenous subcontractor to WES.jobs under the Workforce Australia Program for the Brisbane South East region.

This will allow JobTrail to further invest in the futures of our First Nations people and be involved in the full lifecycle of the job seekers employment journey.

We look forward to building on the strong relationships we have with the local community and helping First Nations participants unlock their potential.


About our team.

It is the mission of JobTrail to be an organisation people immediately think of, turn to, and trust for support when they have workforce and skills requirements or project management needs. 

The JobTrail team and board members including Nyunggai Warren Mundine, James Carroll, Florence Drummond, Julian Genn and Phil Smart are proud to partner with WES.jobs in the Brisbane region.

JobTrail services.

JobTrail partners with Employers in these industries with a collaborative approach towards workforce planning, management and efficient delivery of project outcomes. We also provide solutions around Indigenous employment and engagement with local communities. JobTrail specialises in
  • Workforce Management and Recruitment
  • Indigenous Employment & Engagement
  • Project Management