The ins and outs of job hunting.

Job hunting can be repetitive, disheartening and exhausting. However, with tenacity, a positive attitude, and the following tips you could land your dream role.


The first and most important step of the hunt is determining exactly what you want. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? Do these differ? The longer you spend understanding yourself and areas you work best in, the more likely you’ll find a job that provides you with satisfaction.


Do you enjoy the company of others and forming relationships? Areas of communication may be best suited to you e.g., a receptionist. Do you prefer more independent work that is a bit more physically demanding? A warehouse position may strike your interest.


Once you have found a company you are interested in working for, do sufficient research so you can ensure you meet the requirements of an employee they are looking for.


Update your resume. Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job/industry you are applying for. An employer will only spend a few seconds looking at your resume so including all relevant information in a concise form is vital. Don’t exaggerate your skills and experience throughout your resume/job application. Honesty is key, always be your authentic self. Show your eagerness to learn new skills and become the right fit for their business.


Browse sites like Indeed and Seek for job openings. Ensure you research proper key words for your interests, so you get the most out of the job search.


Make the most out of SEEK:

  1. Use the Explore Careers section if you are not sure where to begin.
  2. Your SEEK Profile is a key tool to help you find your next role, but also to help your next role find you.
  3. Set up SEEK JobMail alerts so that you are the first to know when new jobs are posted.
  4. Check out what a company is like by reading the information found in the Company Reviews section.
  5. Get in touch with the Customer Service team at SEEK for extra help and enquiries.


Be enthusiastic and confident! Show companies that you are excited to have an opportunity with their company. Devote sufficient time into your job search – don’t give up! Be persistent in your applications even if you get rejected. Creating a LinkedIn profile may also increase your employability, as it is a space to showcase prior experience to prospective employers and is another platform to search for jobs.


Stay organised! Create a system to keep track of jobs you have applied for, jobs you have been rejected from and jobs you intend to apply for. Use it as a chance to broaden your organisational skills to put into practice once you are employed.


Don’t forget to follow up! Employers appreciate being thanked for their time, and this will give you another opportunity to make a good impression and maintain contact. Follow-ups can also show that you’re interested, a lot of managers are busy which delays selection, so keep yourself at the top of their minds with maintaining an appropriate level of contact. Too much contact can have an adverse effect.


And finally, always be professional with your encounters and don’t express anger if you don’t get a role that you really wanted. Smile through the disappointment and maintain integrity, you never know when you might cross paths with that person again.


Below is a visual representation of job-hunting tips.